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Letting kids be kids


Some kids only get one meal a day and that is at school. Our mission is to settle outstanding debt on their behalf so they can eat a hearty meal.

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What Schools?

See all the schools we help and also recommend a school that might need help. 


Other Programs

We also provide other programs to help with clothing, school supplies and tutoring.

Fund Raising Events

Want to help? See when and where we are doing fund raising and events.

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Help make a difference

Helping children around Georgia is a big task and takes a lot of money. We operate on the support people just like you. Anything helps! $1, $5, $20, $100, ANYTHING! It adds up to help make a kids life easier by ensuring they aren’t worried about going hungry or being cold.

Perimeter Cares is a 501c3 organization

Making for a better future.

Kids that have healthy nutrition and are physically active are more likely to be contributing members of society. Remember, the kids of today are our future when we are older.